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Tonic-Blend Kombucha Raw Apple & Cinnamon

Kombucha is a drink obtained by fermenting tea naturally contains probiotics, antioxidants and organic acids beneficial to health. It has a history of millennia in different cultures of the world, being recognized as a living drink that comes in support of health. It has become increasingly popular in the last 10-15 years and is now an alternative to slightly acidic soft drinks. A delicious sweet-sour slightly tart, naturally, enough to satisfy your thirst without creating discomfort. Contains: Kombucha (water, symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast *, dehydrated cane juice *, black tea *, green tea *), cold pressed juice, dietary carbon dioxide. * Organic Certificate The sugar inside is needed for fermentation and is, in fact, dehydrated organic cane juice. However, the product may not be recommended for people with diabetes. If you are pregnant, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before consuming. This product is unpasteurized and contains a mix of live bacteria and yeast, which can be found inside the container. NUTRITIONAL VALUES The total net amount is 300mL VALUES FOR 100ML PRODUCT CALORIES: 115KJ / 27KC % Daily value * TOTAL FAT 0G 0% SODIUM 0MG 0% TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES 6G 1.35% SUGAR 5G PROTEIN 0G * Reference consumption of an ordinary adult: 8400KJ / 2000KC